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Men who are unhappy with their penis size could experience a range of problems related to low self-esteem and dissatisfaction with intimacy. Though medical research suggests that most individuals have penis length within the normal range, men are still affected by unrealistic images and stereotypical representations.

Penis extension devices are one possibility for all the men who want to have a longer penis. These use a basic principle that has been around for centuries. What is even better, clinical studies confirm the efficiency of extension devices and their ability to deliver sustainable results.

Who Should Try An Extension Device?

The extender is great for all men. It can deliver results in the case of very small size and in the case of men having average penis size but still being dissatisfied.

Some studies suggest that extenders could also be used to improve erectile function. They are suitable for dealing with Peyronie’s disease – abnormal or even painful curvature of the penis that is caused by the accumulation of scar tissue.

How Does It Work?

A penis extender applies traction force to the tissue.

An extender consists of adjustment bars, silicone tubing, extension rods and comfort straps. When placed on the penis, it applies traction force. The force stimulates cell replication in the tissue, thus promoting increase in penile length.

The pressure will also stretch the ligaments that connect the “hidden” part of the penis to the pelvic bone. Once the ligaments are stretched, part of the hidden penile tissue will be revealed and it will also add to the length.

Are Penis Extenders Safe?

There are many different varieties of penis extension devices. The high quality models that are made of good materials and that have comfort straps are going to be 100 percent safe to use.

To make the most of the penis extender, a person should stick to the instructions. The manual provides all of the essential details for the correct usage of the extender and for the gradual increase of traction force.

High quality extenders are made of hypoallergenic materials that are safe even for people having sensitive skin and the ones that are prone to getting rashes. This is why doing research before purchasing a penis extender is vitally important for making the most of the device.

How Long Does It Take For The Device To Work?

It depends on the individual case and on the required penis length increase. The most noticeable results are seen within two to six months after the use of the extender starts.

Studies show that certain penis extension devices deliver results quicker than others. It all depends on the technology, the selection of materials and the recommended hours of usage per day.

Is The Process of Penis Extension Uncomfortable Or Painful?

Some men worry that applying force to the delicate penis tissue could be uncomfortable or even painful. Once again, it will depend on the selection of a specific penis extension device model and brand.

In the beginning, the feeling will probably be described as uncomfortable. Many men, however, get used to wearing penis extension devices for more than six hours per day. With time, the discomfort disappears and the usage of the extender becomes painless.

What Are The Average Results?

The results will depend on a number of factors. Genetics is probably one of the biggest variables that will deliver highly specific results for each man.

Men who use extenders following the instructions strictly will achieve the most significant length increase.

Several studies suggest that men achieve an average increase in flaccid penis length ranging between 0.5 and 2.3 centimeters (0.2 inches to one inch). The results are comparable to the ones achieved through penis extension surgery.

Penis extenders are safe, affordable and efficient. They will require commitment and multiple hours of usage per day. The results, however, will be permanent and achievable within a couple of months.

Men interested in increasing penis length without undergoing invasive procedures should give this possibility a try.

What Brand Would You Recommend?

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