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Despite the fact that most men fall in the range of normal when it comes to penis size, a big number of gentlemen find it difficult to accept their bodies and be happy.

Over 90 percent of men have penis size ranging between 5.1 and six inches in erect state, Men’s Fitness reports. Only 2.5 percent of all men have penis size under 3.7 inches, according to Psychology of Men and Masculinity.

Unfortunately, nearly 45 percent of all men say that they are unhappy with their penis size.

There are various possibilities that can be used to increase penis size. Some of these tend to be safer and capable of delivering better results than others. Penis extension devices are a simple, yet highly efficient option for permanent size increase.

What Are Penis Extenders?


Penis extension or traction devices use a very simple principle to increase penis size. The device is attached to the penis for a relatively long period of time. It applies traction, which ultimately results in stretching of the tissue.

There are many brands and varieties of extension devices. Comfort should be a primary concern, when purchasing such a device. Some extenders are provided with kits and additional accessories that make them suitable for men with a very small size and for the ones that need additional comfort.

The Principle Of Traction

African tribes were the ones who started using the principle of traction a long time ago. Originally, extension devices in the Western world were used as a treatment for Peyronie’s disease – unusual curvature of the penis that results from scar tissue formation.

The principle of traction is easy to understand. The device is used to stretch the penis. The continuous traction forces the body to respond and cell division takes place. As a result, the long term usage of an extender results in extra length.

Apart from maximizing the length of the penis, the traction device can also be used to increase girth.

There is one final way in which extension devices deliver their results. Apart from stretching the tissue, they also pull on the ligaments that connect the inner penis to the pubic bone.

As the ligaments get stretched, some of the inner penis will become revealed. In this sense, there is no extension taking place but the length of the penis will still be affected.

Clinical Studies

The theory sounds great but are there any studies confirming the ability of penis extension devices to deliver the promised results? The scientific community has come to an agreement, stating that extenders do work.

The results of one study were published in the Journal of Sex Medicine in 2011. Participants in the experiment were men unhappy with their size. The 23 volunteers were instructed to use a penis extension device for a period of three months.

At the end of the first month, the average penis length increased from 8.8 to 10.1 centimeters. The length at the end of the third month was 10.5 centimeters or 4.1 inches.

The length of the penis in erect state increased from 12.4 to 13.2 centimeters (5.2 inches) in the end of the third month.

Another study was carried out at University of Turin in Italy and presented in BJU International. Volunteers used penis extension devices for a period of six months.

At the end of the experiment, average flaccid length increased by 32 percent. The men participating in the experiment saw significant improvement in erectile function, as well.

Extension devices are both easy and efficient when it comes to increasing penis size. This is one of the simplest methods, yet it proves to be much more successful than other technologies and products on the market.

The devices are great for all men, including the ones that have Peyronie’s disease. The simplicity of usage increases the appeal even further.

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