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A penis extender is a device that increases penis length and girth. It accomplishes the task by using the principle of traction, which is a proven technique that has been used since centuries to elongate body parts.

You may have seen many NatGeo programs that detail how villagers living in remote forests elongate their necks or ears by wearing devices (rings) that pull on the body part. What happens is that the device keeps stretching the skin and multiplying its cells.

Mother Nature then takes over and realizes that a certain area of the body is growing and therefore it must be provided for. This is why and how body parts get elongated in length and width.

Penis extenders work on the same principle. Users have to strap the device to their penis and set the appropriate pressure (which they can comfortably take). The extender keeps applying a consistent pressure causing the penis skin to stretch and more blood to flow to the area.

This leads to new cell formation and over time, Mother Nature takes over and increases the penis size. The penis girth also increases because the extender builds up the Corpora Cavernosa, the spongy tissue in the penis that holds the blood during an erection.

The X4 also works on the same principle. But does it deliver the results? Let’s find out in my X4 Extender review.

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About The X4 Device

Well, I’m going to pronounce my verdict right away – though the X4 device is above average, it still has some way to go before it catches up with top  extenders like SizeGenetics, ProExtender and Vimax Extender (see penis extenders comparison chart here).

So, if you have not yet purchased an extender, consider the top products first before listing the X4.

That said, the X4 is no lightweight. It has been successfully tested in labs and is recommended by doctors for treating penis curvature, small penis and ED (Erectile Dysfunction). The biggest plus of the X4 is that it is equipped with a custom loop fastener and a 4-in-1 Quad Support piece.

This makes it easy to attach the device and set the pressure.

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Advantages of the X4 Device

  • The X4 sports a sleek design and the device is easy to work with. Even a first-time user can understand how it functions.
  • Another huge plus is that the manufacturer offers a 6-month money-back guarantee and a lifetime warranty. If you are not happy with the results, you can return the product within 6 months and get your money back. If you use the product per its instructions, then it is covered with a unique lifetime warranty. These twin factors have made the product popular.
  • The X4 increases the size and girth of your penis and thereby enhances your love life. It boosts your sexual and general confidence levels and increases your popularity in social circles.

Disadvantages of the X4 Device

In theory, the device has everything going for it. But I have over 10 years of experience in the penis enhancement industry and have tried out most to the top extenders. My experience says that X4 ranks several notches below the top 3, which I have revealed earlier.

So, why is that the X4 lags behind? I honestly don’t know – maybe it is because X4 is not as compact as the other devices, maybe the science behind the other products is better.

I feel that the top extenders have been created and tested by experienced urologists, but the X4 has not been created by an urologist, though it has been tested by doctors. This could be the difference.

Other than this, the X4 does not have any disadvantages. If your work is manual, you should not use it. Like all extenders, it shows – so if you wear it to work, you must wear loose clothing.

The X4 does not have any other disadvantages or side effects. In fact, it comes equipped with a solid warranty and guarantee.

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Would I recommend the X4? Well, you have read my review and I leave it to you to draw your own conclusions.

I hope my X4 extender review helped.

I'm the author at popular male enhancement blog bestenhancements.com. I love writing and especially writing about health and healthcare. Feel free to email me if you have any questions or concerns.

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