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The average length of a non-erect penis lies anywhere between 3-4 inches.

But that’s at normal temperatures. Have you ever measured your penis after a swim in cold water? Or after an intense run? The non-erect penis can shrink to unbelievable depths after such events. Therefore, there’s no point in measuring a non-erect penis. It’s the erect penis that tilts the scales.

Speaking of measuring the penis, do you know how to do it right? Though it looks easy, measuring a penis is no child’s play. You can’t do it with an inaccurate ruler and you definitely cannot boost the measurement just because it makes you feel like king of the jungle. Plus, how will you measure the girth?

To set right all doubts, and to ensure that you buy the right-sized condom, here is an accurate penis measurement guide:

Measuring Penis Length

Requirements: erect penis and a ruler

Place the ruler at the base of the penis at its starting point – i.e., at the place where the penis attaches to the body. Now press the ruler inside the pubic area because this area has fat which covers about 1-3 cm of your penis (depending on the fat volume).

Now measure the penis length from this point right up to the tip. This is your penis length – write it down somewhere, preferably not on Facebook.

How to measure your penis

Measuring Penis Width (or Girth)

Requirements: erect penis and a tape measure

Measuring the girth is not as simple as measuring the length because measuring circles is always tougher than measuring a straight line. You have to use the tape measure to measure your erect penis’s girth at 3 places: the base of the shaft, its middle, and the area just below the head.

Add up all these three measurements and divide the sum by three to get your girth size.

Measure Your Penis Three Times A Day

According to penis measurement experts, the size of the erection changes based on the intensity of the arousal and is also dependent on the time of the day. Therefore, it is best to measure your penis thrice – morning, afternoon and night – and average out the sum to arrive at the correct length and girth.

This can be quite a task especially when it comes to measuring your girth – imagine, you have to measure it 9 times during the day (3 places on the penis X 3 times)!

But the results can be well worth it because you now know your exact penis size and can buy the right condom or clue your friends about how to measure their manhood. You also get some locker room bragging rights if your results are above average.

Does Penis Size Make A Difference?

This is a tricky question and the answer is that size does matter for some women. According to the Journal Of Sexual Medicine, women who prefer penile-vaginal intercourse over foreplay or oral sex and women who have frequent vaginal orgasms prefer men with a larger penis.

However, many researchers disagree with this study. The critics opine that every human is different and that there are too many factors and dynamics involved, and therefore, generalizations cannot be made. However, the universal truth is that many women do not prefer men with small penises.

Nevertheless, penis size remains a hot topic of discussion that will be debated in arts, science and business social circles for many centuries. So, get ready to measure your penis and know whether you make the grade or the big league.

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