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If men knew what women wanted, there would be no need for sex therapists, love-life authors, countless books on the subject, and even articles like this. Fact is, many men do not know what women want, especially in bed, and here are some quick tips from America’s leading Valentinos:

The Slutty Treatment

Most sexual encounters are heavily motivated by fantasies. Women like to be treated as angels in the kitchen, but when they get in bed, they want some hardcore excitement and therefore they expect their men to be raunchy.

They expect to be ravished for a long, long time by their demon lover. They want to be slutty in bed but don’t want to show it because their men may not like it. So, can men deliver what women want? They should be able to – maybe after a few months with a penis pump.

Full Body Focus

Women want men to focus on their whole bodies, not just nibble on some parts. Men should move from the main areas to the back right down to the inner thighs and the ankles. Even wrist-kissing can turn out to be a great idea.

If this tip is followed, maybe things will warm up nicely by the time the main course is served.


Women love their men talking to them as they are making love. Of course, the talk should not be about what happened at office! Rather, the conversation can be aphrodisiacal in nature.

Men should tell women how much they love her and other lovey-dovey tidbits, instead of grunting all the time. If the woman gets a mental vibe, she’s gonna love some more.

Looking Good

After a few years into their marriage, most women feel that their men do not find them attractive. This could be one reason why many married women want to kill all lights before making love.

Men who are aware of this phenomenon must reassure their partners in whatever way they can. If women are confident about the fact that their men still find them alluring, they will shed their inhibitions.

Sex For Women Is The Sum Of All Experiences

A woman does not like to be treated as a sex object. She performs in bed, or refuses to have sex, based on how her man behaves during the day. If the man argues or disagrees with her, or if he does not pay attention to her during the day, she will get the famous “headache.”

If men want to enjoy sex they must respect their partners and pay attention to them during the day. Also, men should avoid being critical or picking up quarrels.

Sex Is Fun

Men should not consider sex as a task that has to be taken very seriously. Women want their men to consider sex as a “fun” activity that is full of mischief and light banter. If both partners consider sex as fun, then there will be no pressure on either partner to deliver an Oscar-winning performance.

Orgasm – Maybe Not

Every man feels that his woman wants an orgasm during intercourse. He has heard stories of spectacular orgasms from his friends, seen it in action on XXX movies, and is pressurized to deliver. In real life, women are satisfied even if the foreplay quality is good.

An orgasm during intercourse is a great thing, but it may not be possible every time. So men should just relax and enjoy.

Non-Sexual Touching And Feeling

Men believe in moving their hands and arms to the action areas while women believe in hand-holding, cuddling, kissing and talking too. But men couldn’t be more bothered. They want their cup of joy to run over and therefore do not indulge in non-sexual touching and feeling. That’s where they miss out, and this could be why many women are disappointed in their men.

Finally, all men hop off after a sexual encounter without giving her any attention. And that bugs women.

This is the bedroom stuff that women want. Will men deliver?

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