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I am quite glad that you have arrived on my Extreme Amino review. I do have to admit that I am going to be the bearer of bad news. Extreme Amino is not a good product. At best, I have to give it just two stars.

Then again, this review might actually be considered a good one. The reason is once you learn that the quality of the supplement is really low, you probably will decide to avoid purchasing it.

Honestly, it is far better to NOT purchase a product that is a low quality one than to throw money away on something that is not going to deliver on advertising promises.

So, let us take a look at what this amino supplement has to offer.

What Is Extreme Amino?

Extreme Amino is a completely chewable form of capsules designed to deliver pure whey based amino acids. Those who hit the gym hard want to be sure they can build their muscle mass up.

Working out is only going to take you so far and there does come a point where diet and nutrition play a role in results. In order for the muscles to grow, they require protein and amino acids.

Those who diets are deficient due to a lack of protein will look towards a supplement. This is where Extreme Amino capsules can offer a purported benefit.

Certainly, there are quite a number of different capsule supplements on the market. Extreme Amino does try to offer something new and different. For one, these tablets are chewable.

Not everyone wants to swallow a mouthful of capsules. Nor does everyone have the time to make a protein shake in the blender. Buying previously mixed protein drinks can end up being enormously expensive.

As such, a very easy to chew supplement such as Extreme Amino might offer something new and beneficial.

Not very many people would want to chew on bland and dull tasting chewable capsule. To help address this problem, Extreme Amino has flavored its chewable tablets. There are several different flavors to choose from including vanilla, banana, chocolate, and strawberry.

The unique taste can certainly make chewing on the tablets more enjoyable.

So, what is the problem? My Extreme Amino review has to throw a little cold water on the seemingly good benefits. The truth is Extreme Amino really does not work.

A Lack of Measurable Results

Investing money in a unique and original supplement might seem like a good idea on the surface. The one thing to be aware of here is the supplement does have to actually work or else any investment in it is really not going to be worth much of anything.

You might as well be chewing vanilla flavored gum, which would be a lot cheaper. In all seriousness, Extreme Amino does not deliver enough of an effective amount of amino acids to truly deliver any measurable results.

That means you would be spending a lot of money on a product that is quite novel, but not one that is effective. To repeat, there is no value in such a near worthless product.

Perhaps I am being a bit too hard on this supplement. Some might find it to be an okay amino acid capsule product. Extreme Amino is certainly not a sugar pill. There are legitimate protein based amino acid compounds in the chewable capsules.

How effective they will be to the bulk of the users is questionable.

And really, is whether or not the capsule are chewable the most important thing to worry about in a supplement?


  • Once again, these capsule are chewable
  • The amino acids come from 100% whey protein


  • The effectiveness may be minimal
  • The cost is enormous


I have to end this Extreme Amino review with a rating of just two stars. There are better products on the market and you should look into them instead.

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