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Pemonet, which is a water-assisted penis pump, is considered as an effective product and recommended by many doctors. It can be used anywhere while having a bath or at any other time. But is the product as good as it is made out to be?

Does it really enlarge the penis and increase sexual satisfaction? Let me clear the air in the following Pemonet review.


First of all, here are a few detailed photos of Penomet:

The People and The Guarantees Behind Pemonet

According to the Pemonet website, the product is backed by professionals who have more than 100 years of combined experience in the penis enlargement industry. That’s one rich pedigree. The product was commercially launched after two years of testing, which is a lot of testing.

The company is so confident of their product that it offers a 365-day money back guarantee and a lifetime gaiter replacement warranty – I’ll explain what gaiters are in the next section.

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How Does Pemonet Work

To understand how Pemonet works, you must first understand how vacuum penis pumps work. In conventional penis pumps, the air inside the pump acts like a sponge as the pump expands and contracts.

Pemonet too has a pump system but instead of air, it works with water. Pemonet also comes equipped with gaiters with different force-levels.

The penis is positioned inside Pemonet, which is filled with water and sealed at the base. Then the user has to bring the device (in a masturbating action) towards the pubic area, with the gaiter cushioning the device as it lands.

As the device lands, the pump expels water from its top, thereby producing volume and area inside the device. The penis gets stretched because the water that has been expelled has to be replaced.

A minimum level of compression produces the maximum expansion by generating hydro force vacuum.

If the device is used over a period of time the penis keeps getting stretched consistently and its cells begin to multiply. The body realizes that the penis is changing and it makes adjustments to accommodate the cell duplication.

This also leads to expansion of the Corpora Cavernosa, which is the erectile tissue that holds the blood during the erection. An enlarged Corpora Cavernosa allows the penis to hold more blood for a longer period of time, leading to stronger and long-lasting erections.

And, oh yes, the gaiters – Pemonet’s gaiters come in 5 different strengths – Forces 60, 75, 70, 75 and 80. Force 80 gaiters produce the maximum hydro force vacuum. The standard gaiter is Force 70.

Users should start with whatever pressure they are comfortable with and then gradually move on to a higher-level gaiter until they reach the Force 80 gaiter. They also can alternate the gaiters on a daily basis.

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Advantages Of Pemonet

  • A user can employ the device discreetly and in the privacy of his bathroom. No one, other than your partner, can ever guess you’re using Pemonet.
  • Pemonet should be used only for a few minutes every day. That makes it very convenient as compared to extenders, which must be worn for many hours every day.
  • The device works very fast – you will be able to see the results in a few days.
  • Of course, the biggest advantage of the system is that it increases your penis width and length, and your sexual stamina leading to mind-blowing sexual encounters.
  • As mentioned earlier, Pemonet has been extensively tested and even doctors recommend the device to treat erectile dysfunction. The system is devised by medical professionals with years of experience in the male sexual health industry.
  • The 365-day money back guarantee and the free lifetime gaiter warranty reflect the confidence of the manufacturers.

Disadvantages Of Pemonet

  • Well, the only disadvantage is that force is applied to the penis, so it makes sense to consult a medical professional before using the device.

This is more of a precaution, and not a disadvantage. Apart from this, I really cannot think of any other cons.

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I’d recommend the Pemonet any day. It’s worked for me – though I admit I freaked out initially with the water jumping out and my penis getting stretched. However, my bravado picked up after seeing positive results and today I can use the system like a pro.

I suggest you give it a try if you want a better sex life and I hope my Pemonet review helped you understand the product.

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