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Review overview

Vitalikor is yet another penis enhancement pill in the market. It tries to be different from the others, but it does not go where others have gone before, and hence remains as another wannabe blockbuster pill that has an above-average impact.

I have been in the penis enhancement industry for over 10 years now and have tried out every product there is – pills, patches, extenders, air vacuum pumps, water vacuum pumps, you name it.

That’s why I said what I first said. Let me take you through my Vitalikor review and explain my rating.


How Vitalikor Works?

Almost all penis enhancement pills work by:

  • Enhancing the nitric oxide levels in the body, thereby causing an increase of blood flow to the organs, particularly to the penis. An extra flow of blood to the penis leads to rock-hard erections, and make the penis look thicker and stronger.
  • Enhancing the body’s capacity to increase testosterone levels. When these levels increase, men experience an enhancement of sexual desire leading to pleasurable sexual encounters.
  • Stimulating the sexual organs.
  • Enriching the semen quality and quantity. It is a known fact that women love it when their partners ejaculate more semen. This is based on psychology that hypothesizes that women prefer fertile men.

Now, every penis pill contains powerful natural ingredients and vitamins that work by doing all of the above. But the real science is getting the right mix, manufacturing the pill in a certified facility, getting the results checked in a high quality facility, conducting surveys, and ensuring that the product works before putting it out in the market.

The top penis enhancement pills do all this. Vitalikor too claims that it has done all this, and it does well up to a certain point. However, I am unsure if Vitalikor has been through the rigorous manufacturing motions, and this is because though the pill does have its impact, it is an above-average impact, not an outstanding one.

Vitaliko’s Primary Ingredients

  • L-Arginine
    An animal product that increases the nitric oxide levels in the body, thereby leading to an increased flow of blood to the organs, notably to the penis.
  • Ginseng
    An ancient herb that increases testosterone levels, thereby leading to an increase in sexual desire. It also increases the nitric oxide levels in the body.
  • Gingko
    Another ancient herb with aphrodisiacal qualities, which works the same way as Ginseng.
  • Vitamins A, B, C and E
    Fortify the body and the sexual organs. They also limit the damage caused by free radicals, leading to better general and sexual health.
  • Zinc
    Improves semen quality and quantity and strengthens the sexual organs. It also improves immunity. All these advantages help in leading a quality sex life.
  • Selenium
    An important compound that improves immunity and betters general health. It also strengthens our reproductive processes.

Advantages of Vitalikor

  • Vitalikor enhances the penis’s length and girth by increasing the blood flow to it.
  • It increases testosterone, which increases sexual desire.
  • It boosts your sexual energy and increases your confidence in bed.

However, as I mentioned earlier, Vitalikor is not the best there is, and therefore you must pay attention to its disadvantages.

Disadvantages Of Vitalikor

The top penis enhancement pills work for most users. However, the manufacturers of Vitalikor claim that the pill works only for 89% of its users.

  • Money Back Guarantee
    The 30-day money back guarantee is too little. Penis pills take more than 4 weeks to have an impact, and offering a 30-day money back is just not adequate. The website also goes on to say that if you have used Vitalikor for 4-6 weeks and noticed no impact, then the pill isn’t for you. Well, these contradictions speak for themselves.
  • Medical Conditions
    People with medical conditions must not take Vitalikor without consulting their doctor. People suffering from heart ailments, diabetes, cancer, etc., must completely avoid it.

The advantages of this pill are not as solid as those of the top pills.


I don’t know what to say here. Vitalikor is an above-average product that has its moments, but it is not as impactful as the top penis pills like Vigrx Plus (full review), Prosolution Plus (full review here) and Vimax. Give it a shot if you like, and if you aren’t successful, switch over to Vigrx Plus or Prosolution, which are the stuff that erections are made of.

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