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From the perspective of sheer recognition, the name Extenze definitely is among the top brands in the world of male enhancement.

Knowing the name based on a massive marketing strategy does not, however, automatically mean the product is going to work wonders for you when the time comes to actually use it. And truth be told, Extenze has had a tumultuous history.

Not everyone who has used Extenze capsules speaks all that highly of them. Yet, these capsules do have their fans. If not, then you would not see Extenze continually selling in convenience stores year after year. You do need repeat customers to stay in business.

Let us put aside some of the preconceived notions we may have heard about Extenze and try to look at the capsules from an honest, unbiased perspective.

No one is going to say these capsules are the perfect male enhancement products. (And yes, the manufacturer did get into a bit of trouble at one time for making outrageous claims) These capsules can deliver some positive results though.

For those interested in learning just what to expect from the capsules, the following Extenze review might prover to be extremely helpful.

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What Are Extenze Pills And What Can They Do?

Extenze capsules are male enhancement pills designed to increase blood flow to the penis. The herbal ingredients found in the capsules contribute greatly to the ability to drive blood into the chambers of the penis.

For those who might not be familiar with how male physiology works, the idea that extra blood is driven to the chambers of the penis might not actually lead very many to think all that great of a benefit is gained. What can extra blood flow do? The answer is…a lot.

The most pronounced and obvious benefit is harder and firmer erections. When the chambers of the penis have been effectively, fully been engorged with blood, an erection is going to be much, much stronger than would be the case with less blood. In fact, a lesser amount of blood flow is the reason why weak erections are experienced.

Rather than invest in potentially side effects laden prescription pills, Extenze offers an all-natural solution.

Male enlargement benefits might be achievable thanks to the boosted blood flow gained. Honestly, making vaunted claims about the ability to increase the size of the penis is what got Extenze into quite a bit of trouble in the first place.

Taking the pills alone might aid in causing a maximum erection, but actual length improvements are not going to be possible unless a manual exercise based enlargement programs is launched in conjunction with taking the pills. Motivated men may be more than willing to perform these exercises since the end result may be a larger and more impressive penis.

One of the more interesting effects of taking these pills is they might be able to deliver much more powerful orgasms. The reasons for this might be rooted in the effect the pills have on the nerves of the penis.

Regardless of the reason why an orgasm ends up feeling more intense, mostly all men are going to be outright thrilled with the feelings they gain. Why would they not? Better orgasms mean a much better sex life.

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The ingredient stack in Extenze contains a number of common male enhancement ingredients that definitely may be able to boost erection quality and strength. Amino acids are at the core of the ingredients and that is a good thing considering the positive effects they can deliver.

  • Yohimbe Extract
  • Tribulus Terrestris
  • Zinc
  • Horny Goat Weed
  • Damiana
  • L-arginine

Are among the top contents of the capsules.


  • Easy to find on retail store shelves
  • Can aid in male enhancement in numerous ways
  • May options for lower cost purchases


  • Quite a few bad reviews are out there for Extenze
  • A bit too much hype in promotions that can lead to disappointment

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Extenze has amazing name recognition and this has contributed to its success. While not the best male enhancement product on the market, it is a decent one. For that reason alone, Extenze might be worth trying out.

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