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Abnormal penis curvature is not just a weird-looking problem – it can be incredibly painful and it can interfere with sexual function. The condition has a medical name – Peyronie’s disease (PD).

Seeking medical attention and finding the right treatment for PD is the key to enjoying a healthy and satisfactory love life.

What is Peyronie’s Disease?

Peyronie’s disease is a condition caused by the formation of scar tissue alongside the shaft of the penis. Depending on the amount of scar tissue, PD can be very painful and it can lead to abnormal penis curvature.

In severe cases, PD will cause erectile dysfunction and the inability to have intercourse. People who suffer from PD could be in a lot of pain. Medics still have no idea about the exact cause of the condition.

It could have something to do with connective tissue disorders and it could also have a genetic component. Some men who suffer from PD have experienced penis trauma during sex or athletic activities.

In other cases, the onset of PD is gradual and not related to any traumatic experiences. You can find out more about PD causes here

The PD Diagnostic Process

A doctor will be capable of diagnosing PD relatively quickly.

Some of the most common symptoms that people with the condition exhibit include:

  • Hardened plaque that could be felt anywhere underneath the penis skin
  • Unusual penis curvature
  • Painful erections
  • Inability to have an erection (erectile dysfunction)
  • Pain during intercourse

The doctor will ask about medical history and trauma or injury experienced in the past. This kind of information will be important to pinpoint the exact reason and the onset of Peyronie’s disease.

Non-Invasive PD Treatments

One of the easiest PD treatments involves penis extension devices (extenders). Opting for a high quality product like the penis extension device developed by SizeGenetics is the optimal solution for PD sufferers. You can find out more about SizeGenetics in my full review

The device is attached to the penis, thus supplying constant traction. As a result, micro tissue tears appear. To deal with the tears, the body starts cell duplication. Such devices can be used to extend the penis. Because they hold it in a straight position, penis extension devices can also be used to treat Peyronie’s disease effectively.

Other non-invasive treatment opportunities include the following:

  • Oral intralesional therapy
  • External energy therapy
  • Vitamin E therapy
  • Coenzyme Q10 therapy
  • Topical therapy with scar-reduction creams

Some of these therapies are still being researched. All of them have the potential to decrease the severity of penis curvature caused by scar tissue formation. Studies can help figure out the extent to which these non-invasive procedures can be used to reverse the processes.

Spontaneous Resolution

Before a doctor suggests a treatment, the inflammation connected to scar tissue formation has to subside.

In some cases, Peyronie’s disease will resolve on its own. No medical treatment will be required. In other instances, patients will experience a decrease in the pain but the unusual curvature will remain.

A doctor may suggest postponing the treatment for up to one year because of the possibility of PD resolving on its own.

Invasive PD Procedures

The final opportunity that men suffering from Peyronie’s disease have involves a surgical procedure. The surgery will be needed in the case of extreme pain or penis curvature that does not disappear on its own.

A surgeon could shorten the unaffected side of the penis to match the length and the curvature of the side that has the scar tissue on it. Alternatively, the side of the penis that is affected by the scar tissue can be lengthened to match the healthy side.

There are few viable treatments for Peyronie’s disease. Traction systems are one of the safest and most non-invasive opportunities. There are medications and surgeries, as well, in case the pain is unbearable or the scar tissue is causing serious sexual problems.

To figure out what the best approach would be, talk to your physician and have the scar tissue assessed. You could be one of the lucky patients who experience spontaneous resolution without any medical intervention.

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